'The Way To Happiness and Living your Dreams' with John Whiteman

Tuesday, 19th April 2011, 7:00PM

Could the secret to happiness be as simple as adding 9 easy things into your life?

In this talk, John Whiteman will introduce to you 9 simple actions (called Elements) which, when brought into your life, will create happiness from the inside out. The 9 elements will help you to balance your emotions, regulate how you feel, and connect you more to your life. They will also give you the clarity needed to realize your dreams, and live a life where you get to create what happens.

John Whiteman specializes in helping people to get their lives back on track. His philosophy is based on energy, and how you can increase your energy to create more passion for life. He will teach you how to raise your energy, stay focused on your dreams and achieve them.

His philosophy is called ‘The Way’. It is a wise and practical approach to life that makes things that seem complicated become simple. You are will leave the talk feeling motivated and energized, which will help you to start living the life you have always dreamed about.

This talk could make a really big difference to your life.

About the Speaker

John Whiteman is an author and speaker in personal development and business. He has had many years of success as a business troubleshooter. Whilst troubleshooting, John found that when a business was in crisis, the owners’ lives were also in crisis. By using the 9 elements, he inspired them to feel happier and the positive effects were not only felt through their business, but in the whole of their lives.

Bringing together both his findings from 20 years of work and his natural problem solving abilities, John has created a philosophy call The Way. The Way is a ‘Map for Life’ full of highly practical wisdom.

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John asked us to state what we wanted to happen in our life and then asked the group who else wanted that and would be willing to help make it happen.

Patsy said she would like to dance Biodanza every month and as a result Oxford Biodanza was born!