Karl Pearsall - Practical Leadership

Tuesday, 19th July 2011, 7:00PM

Practical Leadership 

My goal is to inspire you to take the challenge of your leadership as your ultimate path to growth. 

Taking the 'your' next step leads to amazing things, Karl is the founder and champion of Yes Group worldwide' which is purely a volunteer organisation with a vision of 'A world where everyone has access to a peer group that inspires them to grow and contribute'. Today the Yes Group has chapters in many countries and is growing each month currently with about 15 groups in the UK. The goal is to create 1000 groups around the world by 2020.

Karl will share how leadership has become his chosen path of growth and contribution. Starting with the lessons and challenges he had creating a £1,000,000 plus pound business in his 20's that was a catalyst that provided him the lessons and focus to transform his life.

On Tuesday, Karl will share 2 simple ideas you can take away that will have an immediate and lifelong impact on yours if you choose the challenge instead of the easy.

Which will it be? 

About the Speaker

Founder of the Yes group London Karl is a passionate collaborator & mentor to the growing network of worldwide Yes Groups. Karl says the gift he receives of growth, friendship and the ability to contribute as a leader satisfies his soul.

Karl Pearsall is Co Author of the book 'The Power of Masterminding', Karl facilitates and inducts individuals into this powerful formula at many types of events and private circles. Karl describes Masterminding® as the best tool we know for empowering individuals and building collaboration in organisations. It is the most powerful way for you to leverage your peer group to by collaborate effectively.

Always wanting to be on the cutting edge of mind technologies by the late nineties Karl lost count at 100 days of NLP training and subsequently was involved in the coaching revolution in business and sales coaching. Karl has worked with thousands of people 1:1, And groups in workshops, seminars and team-building events.

Karl has started several businesses to include a multi-million pound turn over venture as the most successful dance club promoter in London for 2 years in the early nineties. Living a glamorous lifestyle running parties for stars such as the Pet Shop Boys to promoting Calvin Klein eyewear at functions in Pacha Ibiza, Karl then changed his life to promoting Personal and Professional Development because he felt the need to improve the quality of his relationships and for a different kind of lifestyle. Feeling on purpose and knowing he had the ability to create communities and organise events Karl formed the London YES Group in 1993. Today it is one of the most well known personal development organisations in the world.

Karl loves to share the ever developing Masterminding model. Masterminding is about building stronger connections between people & creating stronger more abundant communities by helping people collaboratively overcome challenges to achieve their goals.

Website: http://www.yesgroup.org