'Family dynamics and how to improve them' with Silvia Siret

Tuesday, 17th September 2013, 7:00PM
Why are you repeating the same patterns, over and over again?
Why did you choose the relationships you’re in?
Why are the relationships in your family so complex or strained?
Why are your children constantly showing negative behaviours?
Why do you get those headaches?
We all experience difficult times; some do more, some less. That in itself is just life throwing
unforeseen events on us. But when we keep finding ourselves in similar situations again and
again, we might start asking ourselves how on earth we get there all the time.
It can be an additional strain on our everyday stress to realise that we seem to keep making
the same mistakes or acting in the same pattern, or that we get those migraines again and
again and don’t seem to be able to pinpoint what is going wrong or what causes those reoccurrences.
The answer could lie in our family history. Trauma and heartbreak in our family, sometimes
dating back a long time, is often the cause for a trail of patterns in our lives.
Family Constellation Work digs very deep in very short time; a constellation takes only 1.5
hours on average. It offers the opportunity to change one’s life effectively and sustainably,
using body wisdom rather than the mind. We go back to parents, grandparents or even
great-grandparents level in order to have a closer look at events that caused heartbreak or
trauma. With the help of representatives, standing in for family members, one can address
those events and create a setting that allows a different perspective and, as a result, a
different attitude. That in turn can facilitate healing and change.
On the evening you will have the opportunity to experience a demonstration of a
constellation, which will enable you to get a better understanding of Family Constellation
By joining me at this event you will:
  • Experience a rapidly growing solution focussed therapeutic method, which is very popular in Germany, but less well-known in the UK
  • Gain an insight of how heartbreak can lead to self-destructing behaviour, dysfunctional relationships or illness 
  • Get an idea how relationships and family dynamics can improve
  • Leave with renewed energy and plenty of food for thought
About Silvia
Silvia runs her own counselling practice, based in Abingdon. Most of her training took place
in her home country Germany. She started her therapeutic work in the UK in 2011, offering
counselling and group workshops.
She believes that change can be achieved through emotional response and change of
attitude. Her experience of being separated for 7 years from her first child was deeply
traumatic and the beginning of a healing journey, in which Family Constellation Work was
the key to understanding, acceptance and self-development. Through her work, she now
helps others to achieve functional relationships in their families, friendships and work places.