‘Wu Wei Wisdom – The Ancient Spiritual Solution for Happy and Healthy Modern Times’ with David James Lees

Tuesday, 17th March 2015, 7:00PM

Ordained Taoist, spiritual teacher, therapist and coach, David James Lees offers with passion, humour and honesty, the secrets of his unique, no-nonsense spiritual solution for optimum health and happiness.

You’ll discover the process that has radically transformed the lives of thousands of individuals around the world and will sample the tools and techniques required to:

  • Reveal the ‘blessing’ within unfamiliar or uncomfortable feelings and emotions, and release debilitating fears, stress and anxiety;
  • Step beyond the limiting beliefs of your ‘Yang Mind’ and Ego, and rediscover your authentic spiritual truth and potential;
  • Take control of your life, find your ‘Wu Wei‘ flow of effortless-effort, and experience lasting inner peace and harmony.


"Modern day business people need to consider more than their cash flow – their energy flow and staff wellbeing are probably more key to their future success. Working with David Lees of Peak House Practice has certainly focused me, with the result that the business is now attracting clients who know their hard-earned money will get them great results from us."
Rhonda Wilson MBE, Creative Director of Rhubarb-Rhubarb Photography Agency, Birmingham

"[David’s] philosophy of finding your ‘sweet spot’ in order to work with effortless effort is what creative entrepreneurs are aiming for. David clearly explains the Wu Wei approach to business, teaching how to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work. His lessons in flowing may be based on ancient wisdom but are hugely valuable and appropriate now and in the future."
Sarah McNicol - Head of Antenna, Confetti Media Group, Nottingham

"I saw David present at the Nottingham Yes Group and I can honestly say I have never been as bowled over with any other speaker as I was with David. He’s really passionate about what he does and he really cares for people! I have seen many speakers in my time and David’s compassion is amazing! He genially ‘comes from the heart’, and his wisdom and experience is second to none."
Adrian Peck - Specialist in Sports Hypnosis, Nottingham

"Thank you David for an excellent talk…you bought a tear to my eye. You are an amazing man and such an inspiration. You have changed my whole way of thinking."
Angela McCaw - Doncaster

Further Information

You can learn more about David and his ‘Wu Wei Wisdom’ here:

Blog: http://www.DavidJamesLees.com

Therapy and teaching centre: http://www.PeakHousePractice.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DavidJamesLees

Twitter: @WuWeiWisdom


£7 (£4 Conc) on the door or £5 in advance:

There is no need to print your ticket if you book at least two hours before the start of the event.


7:00PM - Doors open
7:30PM - Welcome and warm-up
7:45PM - Main speaker
8:30PM - Break
9:00PM - Member Announcements
9:05PM - Main speaker (continued)
10:00PM - End

You are welcome to stay until about 10:30PM, when we usually go for a drink at Cafe Baba.

A finger buffet and hot drinks will be available throughout the evening.