"How To Live Your Greatness & Transform Your Life" with Darren Eden

Tuesday, 21st July 2015, 7:00PM

Would you love to have less struggle and more magic in your life?
Would you love to create true transformational change? 
Would you love to start creating what you really love?

Darren’s presentation will reveal how you can transform your life and live your Greatness by going on your own unique Hero's Journey. You will learn how to harness the power of your imagination and discover how it can take the power out of your unconscious beliefs and propel you along your Hero’s Journey.

We'll do this with a powerful exercise that will enable you to apply what you’ve learnt into your life immediately.

You will leave with the ability to engage the power of your imagination to create end results you’d love and be able to bring them to life effortlessly and magically. In doing so you’ll discover how powerful you truly are and begin to bring your Greatness to life.

Your Call To Greatness - An Overview from Darren Eden on Vimeo.


My life changed from the moment I met Darren Eden. He is calm and grounded. He has total belief and passion for delivering what is true to his heart. His burning desire to educate others in realising their true potential, in harnessing the extraordinary powers we all possess, are immense. My life has transformed completely. My personal life and my career are aligned. I have learnt to embrace what I love and to employ my fears to achieve my goals. I have gone from a jobbing actor to a leading man, with offers in London’s West End, Los Angeles and New York. In eight months, forty-nine years of fear-fueled limitation have been dislodged and a heart full of promise beats to my tune.
Johnnie Lyne Pirkis

I was jobless when I met Darren, having just painfully left an 8-year career as the head trainer for an international self-development company.  Within two weekends of training with Darren. I had clarity about the direction I wanted to go in, and found the drive, motivation and inspiration to follow my dream of setting up my own business. Since completing the course with Darren and implementing what I learned, I am working in full alignment with what I love and I am now coaching successful entrepreneurs on using their brain more intentionally as part of their business toolkit and developing my pan-European business development plan. Darren’s unwavering dedication to serving everyone’s heart is incredibly inspirational and I do not want to consider where my life would be today had I not crossed his path a few months ago.
Dr Claire Gaudry

Before I started training with Darren, I thought I had all the answers, but I was really hiding behind a veneer of success. The truth is I was drowning in anger, sadness and fear, which didn't serve me or others. Darren gently and precisely helped me move beyond my veneer and revealed my heart. The structure of his training is very grounded, powerful, supportive and uplifting. There as an abundance of love and wisdom poured on me and shared with others, which has had a life changing impact. This program has rejuvenated and refreshed me. I can now receive and create love and bring innocence and imagination to my life at will. The fun, love and magic I experience and share with everyone now is beautiful. I’ve been given the key to my freedom and can now pass this onto others. This new sense of purpose and service makes my heart sing.
Simon Radin

About Darren 

Darren always dreamed of living an extraordinary life and assumed the secret lay somewhere within the realms of success and spirituality. He spent most of his teens and twenties studying economics, business, politics, and technology, and at the same time, immersed himself into every personal and spiritual development program available.

By his early thirties, he created a successful career as a change management consultant in the IT industry and experienced an incredible array of spiritual disciplines; however, the extraordinary life he was constantly searching for kept eluding him. It wasn’t until he learnt how to master his intuitive wisdom and travel along his own Hero’s Journey that he was able to progressively create the life of his dreams.

Since 2000 Darren’s singular passion has been the mastery of the Hero’s Journey and the principles of imagination. Over the course of fifteen years, he has had the privilege of working with extraordinary people from all around the world, who he has served to go on their own unique Hero’s Journey, to live their Greatness and create lives they truly love.

Darren lives in the UK with his wife, Joanna, and his son, Atlas, where he spends his time enjoying his family, running his workshops and trainings, writing, indulging in the culture and myths of Europe, and creating a vibrant and magical community.

Website: http://www.darreneden.com


£7 (£4 Conc) on the door or £5 in advance.

There is no need to print your ticket if you book at least an hour before the start of the event.


7:00PM - Doors open
7:30PM - Welcome and warm-up
7:45PM - Main speaker
8:30PM - Break
9:00PM - Member Announcements
9:05PM - Main speaker (continued)
10:00PM - End

You are welcome to stay until about 10:30PM, when we usually go for a drink at Cafe Baba.

A finger buffet and hot drinks will be available throughout the evening.