"Don’t let your health be the barrier to your wealth" with Dr Tom Waller

Tuesday, 21st June 2016, 7:00PM

What is wealth and how can we achieve it?
How can we improve our potential in life, business and with our families?
How can you improve your health and maximise your wealth?

Don’t let your health be the barrier to you fulfilling your potential in life, business and family. A unique approach to optimal health, maximum wealth and productivity. 

When someone asks us what is our most precious commodity we would naturally reply; ‘our health and that of our families’. But how often when we really think about it do we put our health first and as a result of focusing too much attention on our business we become distant from our families and sick, therefore left unable to run a profitable company and take care of our family. In the presentation Dr Tom will explore the definitions of health, wealth and productivity. The attendee will leave with new tools to instantly improve their true health potential, productivity and wealth. 


"The way Tom explained chiropractic and the reasoning behind it was pure genius, It was the perfect mix of science, philosophy and art. It was fascinating how he explored the different business modalities within chiropractic and how you can go about implementing it. The best thing was that they weren't here to tell us 'this is THE to work', they were here to explain 'this is A way' you can work. He only wants you to be the best chiropractor you can be, no matter how you chose to work!"
Mats Flodin

"I liked the seminar a lot. It was great to see Tom just loving his work and loving to inspire other people with their passion for chiropractic. As we are coming closer to the end of the course it was very good to get some insight on what type of practices there are and what to look for in future positions. It was very motivational and reminded many of us why we are studying chiropractic. Looking forward to the next one already- thank you so much!"
Julia Schenk

About the Speaker

‘I have a desire that every man, woman and child should be able to reach their true potential for health, happiness and wealth’ Dr Tom

Dr Tom regularly delivers talks to the South West community on a variety of health and wealth related topics. His particular interests lie with neurology, genetics, chiropractic and the potential of the human body for health and healing. He regularly engages with companies to give advice and guidance on how to maximise efficiency from a staff wellbeing perspective.

Dr Tom runs a successful, referral based clinic in Clifton, Bristol as part of the Willow Chiropractic Partnership. He is also politically active within his profession as an Executive Board Member for the United Chiropractic Association and delivers talks to chiropractors and students around the country and throughout Europe.

Web: http://www.chiro.org.uk/


£7 (£4 Conc) on the door or £5 in advance.

There is no need to print your ticket if you book at least two hours before the start of the event.


7:00PM - Doors open
7:30PM - Welcome and warm-up
7:45PM - Main speaker
8:30PM - Break
9:00PM - Member Announcements
9:05PM - Main speaker (continued)
10:00PM - End

You are welcome to stay until about 10:30PM, when we usually go for a drink at Cafe Baba.

A finger buffet and hot drinks will be available throughout the evening.