Follow-up from YES Group meeting with Silvia Siret in January

Hello All, and a very warm welcome to all newly signed-up members!

I would like to thank everyone who came to the last meeting and supported me so beautifully. As info for the members who weren't present: I stepped in as speaker, because Chris Walton sadly had to cancel last minute due to being taken to hospital. He will be booked in at a later date again.

My talk was about Mindfulness and Family Constellations.

Here are some reminders to get through your day more mindfully and therefore be 100% available at all times:

When you open your eyes in the morning, think a positive thought, e.g. what you are grateful for in your life and tell yourself that this day will be a good one because you decide so. Get up in a different way you normally do.
When you wash, brush your teeth and do your hair, drink your tea/coffee, eat your breakfast, make everything a sensual experience, using smell, taste, touch, vision and hearing. Stay in the moment and push away any thoughts that are distracting; usually thoughts of the past or the future.
On  your way to work, take another route, if possible and/or drive more slowly and attentively, give way to pedestrians, cyclists and  drivers now and then. Smile at people, look at them. Maybe even say something like "what a lovely day!" to someone. Arrive at work with a smile, infect others with your positivity.
At work, allow yourself to breathe consciously at first and then several times during the day. Take breaks! Speak to colleagues! Avoid gossiping at any cost. Engage fully with your job, break it down to small steps rather than getting overwhelmed with the work load.
When you take your lunch break (which you definitely should do), either engage with other colleagues (have fun) or walk and find a spot that gives you tranquillity to recharge your batteries. Breaks are not there to engage your eyes and brain even more by looking into your emails/FB etc. They are for you to relax!
When you're back home, take care of yourself. Make sure you're aware how you are and what you need. Ask for things/help/support/chat/quality time!
The most important thing in order to be aware of your own and others' needs is to be fully available. Mindfulness helps to balance your life in all aspects.

I facilitate a weekly group in Abingdon. You can join here:

Family Constellations are a way of uncovering and changing dynamics that are not helpful, either in your family or at work/in relationships. In a constellation old family trauma can be carefully addressed and healed, in order that more love flows freely through the family system and opens up freedom for your life. It's about cutting strings that are holding you back and getting greater awareness and understanding of why things are the way they are.

In my 'Growth Space' I once monthly facilitate small constellations (amongst other techniques) in order to find out how it works as well as to address issues and find solutions. This space is also creating community, support and friendship. You can sign up here:

Our next speaker is 'Skip Archimedes', who is a fantastic, inspirational Coach and Mentor with an outstanding life story and lots of motivation for his audience. Join us on 16th February for this event!

Many thanks for reading this and - on behalf of The Oxford YES Group - I'm wishing you all a beautiful time until we see each other again.

Love and hugs,

Silvia Siret
Clarity Coach, Mindfulness Teacher and Family Constellations Facilitator
Twitter: @silviasiret
Mobile: 07894434295