Review: ‘Out of the Matrix’ with Allan J Kleynhans

This review of Allan Kleynhans' talk was posted by Silvia Siret in our Facebook group:

What a talk, last night. Allan Kleynhans spoke to a captivated audience about how to create change. He came across warm, open-hearted, super-confident and inspiring and was ever so happy to answer all our questions. It was interesting to hear about that boy, who came from a difficult background, went through turmoil and horror, grew up to be inconfident, frightened and unsure and slowly but surely uncovered his real potential and became this awe-inspiring charismatic man who has such positive influence on everyone who connects with him. And that boy was him, which was responded with a "wooow" and clapping hands. We heard of his great success, coaching influential people and sports teams, becoming a millionaire and loosing everything, landing on the streets with nothing. He stood up again and here he is, having overcome all those negative self-beliefs and drawing from an infinite source of wisdom and creativity. 
For many years he has been saying this one sentence every morning without skipping a single day: "Good morning, good morning. It's great to be alive! Today is my favourite day, thank you, I am blessed."
He suggested to say this sentence out loud every morning, first thing, even if it doesn't feel right, for at least 30 days, and he promised us we'd see significant change in our lives. Well - Who would not want to try this, Have we got anything to loose?
And finally he gave us some great tips on how to create that change that we desire:
1. Look at your story. Once you see it clearly, change it!
2. Develop a vision or purpose. Make it up if you don't have one. Something that sounds great and feels good. It helps finding it, if you imagine what at least 5 people would say about you at your funeral.
3. Create a (loose) plan! But do make sure you give the Universe a chance to help, which means, don't let opportunities slip, just because you have a rigid plan.
4. Create a peer group. People who support you and hold you responsible to your planned steps and vision. Get a coach or a good friend to support you along the way. Don't go for friends who don't have the guts to tell you the truth.
5. Study wealth concepts / ideas. Read! A good book he suggested: "Mind Power", by (I think) Keho (or so) - He suggested other good books, but I can't quite remember.
6. Take action! Action is power (not knowledge)!
7. When you're at the point of 'success', give something back. Invest in other good ideas/activities/charities etc. Don't let the success get to your head. Stay connected with your heart. Your heart has a desire to take AND give.
On a closing note, he said, "Nothing is ever in the way, it's ON the way! Everything happens for a reason - there is no co-incidence. 
And finally: Please go onto FB, find his name "Allan Kleynhans" and 'like' his page and say something about last night.
Go well, Allan, it's been such a pleasure to have met you.