Review: 'Cosmic Ordering Made Easier' with Ellen Watts

This review of Ellen Watt's talk was posted by Silvia Siret in our Facebook group:

First of all, it was a newbie for us (or, at least me) that the book presentation table and the inside one were decorated with lovely sparkling butterflies and other shiny things. Also, look how full the room was. We could not have squeezed anybody else in if they had wanted to have a seat (two had to sit just outside the room). Wow! What a start.

After the initial introductory words by our 'boss', Jason Purvor, Ellen started her very impressive talk on 'Cosmic Ordering'.

What is Cosmic Ordering? She explained, it used to be 'prayer' for her, before she knew she actually ordered from the Universe. A friend of hers told her about it 7 years ago, and the penny dropped. The morning after - under the shower - she put her first 'official' order in. And it took no 45 minutes for the delivery to arrive. You'd like to know, what it was? Read her book, there are many more stories that will leave you with no doubt, it works! She told us her amazing journey with lots of astonishing stories of what went right and where she had to learn lessons. She made us laugh and engaged the audience in her own charming, cheeky way.

Lots of questions were answered, and great tips were offered to us. 

The second half was all about the practicalities of the ordering process:

- The mindset: Be positive! You deserve everything your heart desires!

- The daemons: Recognise what beliefs are in the way and put them aside (sit on them - if that helps - hahaha)!

- The setting: Be focussed, order while not doing anything else! Be clear, order exactly what you want! Prepare your order, if it's a big one, on paper. Once it's clear, say it out loud, then let go.

- The greater good: Always end your order with the sentence: "For the good of all concerned!" You don't want others to suffer so you get what you want.

- The emotional side of things: Mean it! Order with passion and joy, as if you ordered your favourite item from Amazon.

- The faith: Believe that, once the order is sent, you can relax. And have the Universe find a way; it will deliver.

- The possible lead: Once the delivery arrives, don't miss it, even if you think "it shouldn't be here yet". It should.

- The aftermath: Keep it. And be grateful for what you've received. You deserve it.

- The growth: You can have everything you want in your life already, but that doesn't mean you might not want anything else, ever. Think of the beautiful bud: It wants to become a rose, although it's beautiful enough. Life is ever changing, so will your heart's desires. The Universe is here to serve you.

The evening finished with another question time and social sharing in the foyer, where Ellen sold lots of books, writing a personal note into every single one.

Ellen offers one-to-one 'cosmic coaching', and a workshop is coming up in June. All details on her website: 

On behalf of the Oxford YES Group Team, I would like to thank Ellen for her beautiful talk and inspiration, and I'm sure we all went home ordering or at least intending to put those orders in very soon; so, watch this space!!

A thank you also to my fellow team members, who make these fantastic talks happen, and who put a lot of voluntary work into this.