Review: 'Discover who you truly are' with Leon Aarts

Leon will be running a 'Sacred Circle' in Abingdon on 25th January 2015


This review of Leon Aart's talk was posted by Silvia Siret in our Facebook group:

Last night we witnessed a truly gifted inspirational speaker and author. His name is Leon Aarts, and he calls himself a Modern Alchemist. It was a magical evening, as we were realising how very special every one of us is. Just imagine, for example, that in 500 years it took one million (!) ancestors for each of us to be here. In other words: In 500 years, half a million couples had to give life in order for one human being to be alive today. That does make you think, doesn't it. Leon gave us other examples - very powerful ones - in order to make us feel unique, special, blessed, grateful, responsible, humble, whatever it makes you feel like when you realise how precious your life really is, and what chance you actually had to be here (very, very low indeed - we are all so lucky!). 

He also showed us how we can discover (if we haven't already) our true individual gift within only 6 minutes. In the feedback afterwards it sounded like most of us were actually chuffed about the positive results. Speaking to my friends and my daughter Christina later, we all had become very aware of our individual gifts and purpose in life.

And that is what Leon's mission is about: To find out what your personal, individual gift and purpose is; to understand that we receive so much from the moment our heart starts beating, and that it is all about giving and being in the moment, and how beneficial awareness is. All this, in order to understand that we are all connected, and that what is within is also without.

Leon has a very relaxed, simple, peaceful, balanced aura around him, and he had everyone engaged all the time he was speaking to us. It was interesting to hear a little bit about his history and family background, and how his experience relates to what he is now doing on this planet.

He clearly has a mission. The mission is PEACE on earth. He delivers the necessary tools to become part of this movement.

Apart from talks, he offers "Personal Intuitive Sessions" (via Skype or in person) and facilitates so called "Sacred Circles" (what this is about, see below).

There was an atmosphere of lightness and excitement in the space, when the talk was finished. I certainly was riding on a high, together with my daughter, who also felt this was one of the most special people she had ever met and who walked away with a sense of enlightenment.

On behalf of The Oxford YES Group, I would like to thank you, Leon Aarts, for speaking to us, for sharing your experience, your wisdom and your love. I feel blessed to have been there.

And here are Leon's contact details and what he offers:
twitter @leonaarts