Review: 'Goal Mapping' with Brian Mayne

This review of Brian's talk was posted by Silvia Siret in our Facebook group

Gosh - last night's talk with Brian Mayne was nothing less than what we expected from Speaker of the Year. I had expected somebody who could talk, but I expected the talk to be persuasive, manipulative, like from somebody who sells something really well. I was so very surprised to experience a man who was not in the slightest full of himself, nor a man who tried to impress. He was simply himself, his aura light, his behaviour kind, his appearance humble and ... um ... unostentatious (I had to look this word up, and I hope it means what I mean - the translation of the German word 'schlicht'). He started speaking with his strong voice, and everybody was nothing but listening from the beginning to the end, sucking his every word in as if it was the last thing they would ever get. The audience was simply captivated by the charm of this man, by the truth that came out of his mouth, the effortlessness of conveying scientific facts.

His personal story: A boy growing up with traveling showmen, with no proper education because of the constant change of location, with severe dyslexia that was at the time neither recognised nor treated appropriately, a boy that was happy but uneducated in an academic sense. A young man who opened a Disco and was so successful with it that he became a millionaire and led a luxurious life by the sea. At the age of 29 he was still illiterate, his business collapsed, he lost everything, even his wife, and he was left with just under a million pounds of debts. A broken man with nothing he could put into a CV, not to mention that he couldn't even write his own CV. A time of self pity and blaming the rest of the world for his failing. Until a bunch of friends appeared and dragged him out of his hiding-place and encouraged him to start in sales. Somehow - I can't recall how exactly - he came across this self development stuff, which included positive thinking and using affirmations to succeed. He gave himself a year to try this out and committed to it 100%. He has not looked back since, and now he is one of the most successful international speakers in the world, alongside Tony Robbins and those names I unfortunately can't recall either right now. He is a successful Author and Coach. His goal: To reach and teach 7,000,000,000 (7 Million!) people his system called 'Goal mapping'. 

The secret behind this very successful method for turning your dreams into realities is to create positive thinking by becoming aware of what has not worked well and believing that YOU CAN do better. Thinking positive thoughts releases serotonin in your brain, which makes you feel good and creates a bridge between brain cells and allows thoughts to continue on their journey. Thinking negative thoughts releases cortisone, which blocks the free-flow of thoughts and ideas. YES! It is THAT simple. And it is scientifically proven. Before this becomes an endless review, I am stopping here and suggest you look into Goal mapping. Lots of stuff is freely available on Brian Mayne's website, where you can also do your own maps online and get all the tools you need for free. Brian Mayne can also be found on Facebook. Just type his name into the search line.

Brian, on behalf of The Oxford YES Group a HUGE THANK YOU for popping by on your way from the Isle of White (yesterday) to Copenhagen (early this morning), which is the place where you want to live next. We know you will achieve whatever goal you set yourself. And we now know that WE CAN too.