Review: 'Keep Stepping! How to Step Up not Give Up in the midst of challenge and change' with Joy Marsden

This review of Joy's talk was posted by Silvia Siret in our Facebook group

On 19th July I witnessed a power house: Joy Marsden. Her talk was called 'Keep Stepping! How to Step Up not Give Up in the midst of challenge and change'. 

When I saw the title first I thought this might be some "chaka chaka" type talk (someone standing in front of a crowd getting them to respond with 'YES' and telling them they hadn't heard them, so they have to say it several times until it's loud enough). But I was pleasantly surprised to experience an authentic, honest and integral woman who had been served a bitter dish called her childhood and made the best out of what she had - her abilities. 

Through her own experience of stepping up and keeping going and becoming this inspiring person that she is now, she developed her programme that she now offers to the world. 

Basically she always said "yes" to what she was given and took it to the next level - in a good way - in a healthy way. By the way - listening to her story I had to realise that she was quite a bit older than she looked. 

She's got children in their early twenties and is married over 20 years. She simply doesn't look old enough!! 

She captivated her audience with her natural wit and humour (we laughed a lot), but also with her personal story that was so very interesting and touching (I didn't want to miss one word). 

I'm so glad I got to know her and am inspired by the truth and wisdom she spreads straight from her big, big heart. She truly just wants one thing: To see you happy! 

I promise that if you want to be happy, you just need to listen to her and take those necessary steps without compromise. Her basic message is to concentrate on your abilities and use them. 

You might think: "I don't know my abilities" or "I have no/not many of them". Well, trust her, when she says: "You do, and what you've got is enough!" You just have to learn to be the pure you and nobody else, then everything starts becoming easier. 

Take off those layers of masquerade and find out what it is like to be you. I agree. I've been through that process and I feel more alive and vibrant than ever. 

The energy changes from exhausting to effortless when you allow your essence to come out. Eventually you'll find yourself in good company, too.

We liked that she wasn't selling anything, even when she was asked how to get in touch or whether she had her book with her. That is not what she is about. She just loves real connection.

A huge thank you to the lovely audience and an even bigger thank you to Joy, who just brings joy to our world. We'll definitely have her back.

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