Review: 'Supercharge Your Life!' with Skip Archimedes

This review of Skip's talk was posted by Silvia Siret in our Facebook group

OMG. Tonight's talk with Skip - The Miracle Man - left me absolutely super-charged, although - when I came - I felt tired and not very up for a talk and a crowd (having a cold lingering). If just this 2-hour talk makes me feel that way - I am so going to attend the weekend with Skip (end of April - and it's FREE). I have been eating crap and letting myself go and as a result I've got colds, feeling sluggish and got fat. This talk reminded me that I can be better than that.

Skip is so real. Isn't he?

I've ordered the needed money from the Universe to be able to attend his whole programme, because I totally agree with him that the way I treat my mind, my body and my soul is how I feel. I am going to stop eating meat and I will detox and re-energise my precious Self. I owe it to me and to Life and - if you like - to our creator, that I cherish the temple of my soul as well as the soul and Mother Earth. Oh my God - I do need this community though, as I totally know I'll fall back into my old habits ...... If you feel like doing this journey together with me (and go to his free event in April), please respond or get in touch with me. Thanks Skip for living the dream and walking your talk. That's what we all need.