Review: 'Why Not Me? Why Not Now?' with Lottie Moore

This review of Lottie's talk was posted by Silvia Siret in our Facebook group

Weren't we blessed that Lottie was available and happy to speak at short notice last Tuesday? Although she usually works mainly with women, she adapted her programme for the evening, so both genders would gain from what she had to give. We gained a lot indeed. Lottie comes across as relaxed and authentic. The snippets we got from her own life story gave us an idea what brought her to help people step out of their comfort zone in order to widen it by growing into that newly conquered terrain: She was incredibly courageous herself and since has grown beyond her own belief.

She is a motivator and coach, a real people's person, approachable and full of love for life and its opportunities. Believe it or not, most of us, that evening, broke wooden arrows with our throats. It felt like such a great achievement. We had lots of fun playing the "watch/witch" game in order to get us focused, before we approached the arrow challenge. We loved Lottie's humour and the way she presented her talk. One can only call her "cool".

We definitely want MOORE of Lottie.

Thanks, for a great, entertaining evening and giving us a sense of stepping into our own power. We hope to see you again, soon, hopefully at the upcoming Christmas Party on 16th December. Go well, Lottie, and keep doing the great work!

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