Review: 'Your Simple Path' with Ian Tucker

This review of Ian Tucker's talk was posted by Silvia Siret in our Facebook group:

Yesterday, we had the pleasure to listen to Ian Tucker's talk on 'Your Simple Path'. And it was indeed - simple. Ian engaged with the audience in his humble, friendly and warm-hearted way and told us that "Now is all there is" and to realise that worries hardly ever come true and are therefore not worth putting energy into. "When we are faced with a challenge, we deal with it." The future doesn't exist. Now is all there is. A simple sentence that made us realise how silly it is not to fully be in it, the here-and-now. He also suggested considering all, one or some of these:

- Give and take, 
- What goes around comes around,
- Letting go,
- Gratitude and
- Forgiveness,

which all lead to INNER PEACE. 
He spoke about 'paying it forward' and about how our story could be full of 'negatives', but that it is therefore very deep and is what we needed to experience all the wonderful 'positives'. 

We learned (or were reminded) about our 'Path to Self Care':

- Trust your instincts,
- Say exactly what you mean,
- Don't be a people pleaser,
- It's ok to say 'no',
- It's ok to say 'yes',
- Dare to dream and
- Be kind to yourself.

It was a very lovely, interactive talk and we felt entertained, inspired and enriched.
Thank you, Ian Tucker. And thank you for your wonderful book "Your Simple Path", which you sold for £9 on the night and gave more than half as a donation to the Oxford YES Group's "basket brigade", which will deliver food to people in need just before Christmas.